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Aventine Restaurant,  L.A’s fashion Week


Creator of Love, Luana New Vintage Swimwear



After years of dreaming big Lena Patton has just launched her new vintage swimwear line ‘Love, Luana’ which is inspired by her early California surfing heritage and dedicated to the memory of her mother Luana Herrington Olsen. Lena’s journey started eight years when she had a vision of creating a vintage swimwear line that would honor her mother and the surfing lifestyle she embodied and when her mother passed away just two months later, Lena did just that with Love, Luana.
Luana’s story goes way back to the 1940’s when she spent much of her childhood on the beaches of Orange County with her family. Her parents Voss and Margret Herrington were instrumental in developing the sport of surfing and the surfing lifestyle in So. California. Luana became a surfer herself and in 1961 she was the first woman to be featured in Surfer magazine. She appeared with her signature red Hobie surfboard wearing a classic suit designed and made by her mother Margret. Margret was well known for making her own swim suits as well as Luana’s which were stylish but also fit their athletic lifestyle. Luana carried on the tradition and went on to make her suits and then Lena’s. This history, and the love of preserving it, inspired Lena as she created her own line of vintage swimwear. 
Not long after Lena began the process of bringing 'Love, Luana New Vintage Swimwear' to life she was struck by another life altering event when she lost her husband Steve Patton to an unexpected illness. Steve always knew that Lena’s dream of creating a swimwear line was going to be a huge success and he urged her to keep moving forward with that dream and never give up. After Steve passed away Lena kept his message close to her heart and when she was strong enough to get back to working on it, she took a leap of faith and launched into the business of creating her line with a newfound passion.
Lena began the arduous process of finding a manufacturer and navigated the endless possibilities before her. The process was daunting but she pressed on and in a twist of fate she stumbled upon a workshop for new entrepreneurs that was being held at a tea salon 'Paris in a Cup' in Orange County. It was there that she met her now mentor Jane Button. Lena signed up for Jane's mentoring program and she and several other new entrepreneurs formed a mastermind group under Jane's direction. Under her insightful and loving guidance they learned how to build their businesses one step at time.
The next step for Lena was building a team to help bring her line to fruition. Not being a fashion designer and having no connections in the industry, Lena did the footwork and surrendered the process of finding that team to the heavens above. Within a short period her team members showed up as if divinely ordered. Things really took off when she reunited with longtime family friend John McLeod who eventually became her production manager. John came with the experience of having his own line of swimwear 'Dahlia', so he knew his way around the industry. John understood Lena’s vision and helped her take Love, Luana from its infancy to the world at large in just under one year. Of course there were many challenges along the way but didn't stop Lena from pursuing her dream.
Love, Luana had its debut on the runway at the iconic Aventine restaurant during L.A’s fashion week along side Calvin Klein and several other respectable designers. Since then Lena and her line have been featured in magazines such as 'Inland Empire' - Feb. 2014 edition, as well as in local news coverage. In the process she has become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the promotion of her line and the lifestyle it represents. This has been a whirlwind experience for Lena and those who have helped her and followed her story, but she knows this is just the beginning of what is to come for Love Luana and she is ready for the ride.
Watch the video of the live interview of Lena’s inspiring story by selecting the video at top of page.  Also check out Lena’s tips to entrepreneurs  -  in the Trailblazer Tips heading. To see the video clip of the fashion show for L.A.'s fashion week see link below.
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