Erin Gleeson's tip for entrepenuers.

"Hard work does pay off so keep your eye on the prize."


Erin and her husband Jon Prosnit discuss the nature of Erin's focus on bringing communtiy together around food, the success of her book release and what it really took to bring that dream to fruition.  

Joanna Herr's tip for entrepenuers.

"Every experience prepares you to succeed."


Joanna has used all of the buisiness experiences she has accumulated on her journey to develop a broad skill set to operate the dream business she has created for herself.

Lena Patton's tip for entrepeneurs.

"Block & focus"


Lena offers a helpful and practical tip derived from having to juggle life, loss, her dream and not losing sight of the primary goal - all while maintaing her focus and sanity.

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